The Uses of Titanium

Titanium and titanium alloys,for instance, Titanium Ingot and Titanium tubes , with its excellent corrosion resistance,good mechanical processing, and better cost-effective, widely used in chemical equipment, aviation, oil, paper, seawater desalination, nuclear power, Chlor-alkali, as well as shipbuilding,plate heat exchanger and bellows compensator, and other industries.

Supplying Specification: the chemical compositiom of the ingots can meet the requirements of  international standard, ASTM,AMS,JIS Standard,as well as the customer's special requirements.

Above titanium pipe can be supplied according to ASTM B337,ASTM B861,ASME SB337,ASME SB861 standard. available.

Grades       GR1            GR2            GR3            GR7            GR9            GR11          GR12          GR16          GR17